Paul O'Leary Bennett

In 2015, I gave up having exhibitions.

In 2016 I intend painting in a different way. The exciting thing is that I haven't yet decided which way. All I know is that I had exhausted the road that I have travelled in the last ten years; I need to be renewed and re energised .

I still have a small Gallery almost next to the church – you will see the sign in the church car park. Follow the other signs which include a 'Slow Please Cats Crossing' one. As a result of starting something new, I have reduced all the Gallery pictures completed in 2015 and before by fifty percent. Off with the old and on with the new!

From 2017/18 I have in a way freed myself from the old photographic style and now am concentrating on a more loose and abstract interpretation of landscape. I look forward to what happens next!

Every now and again I take a break from Landscapes and paint copies of famous pictures. Like doing a jigsaw, it interests me to see how these famous painters went about their work. In the same way, I sometimes do other things so as to refresh myself before getting back to Landscapes which will always be my first love.

The picture is of B my partner and myself enjoying Venice, the most wonderful place in the world, apart from Tuscany and Suffolk!